There’s a lot of factors to consider when selecting the ultimate water gun. Depending on what you want your blaster to accomplish you will have to factor in certain elements to see if they meet your criteria.

What Makes the Ultimate Water Gun:

1.) Tank Capacity

tank-capcityThis is important because the more water the water gun holds, the more it’ll weigh. But the less it holds, the quicker you will run out of “ammo.” Is there a balance? Of course! And that all comes down to what you’re comfortable with. The ideal water tank size would be something you can keep on yourself while running around and not refill every 5 minutes. If you can last 10 to 15 minutes without refilling and be able to to carry it around with ease then you have found yourself a good water gun my friend. But there is more too it than just tank capacity…..

2.) Distance of Stream

Sure it’s fun to blast someone right in the face point blank with a water gun, but when you’re at war and in teams, you cant afford to get soaked! You want to be able to hit the enemy from great distances. So distance of the stream actually matters when selecting a water gun. Most water guns claim they shoot over 30 feet, but you want to make sure of that. If it doesn’t shoot at least 30 feet, we would suggest looking else where. Another tip is to aim the gun a little bit at a 20 degree angle from directly in front of you, this would cause the stream to go further.

3.) Force of Water Blast

blast-forceThe Blast force definitely matters! Of course you don’t want to hurt any one, but if its like a narrow stream and cant even knock soda cans off it’s platform, then you need something stronger. The force of the blast of a water gun also has to do with the activation type, or how you shoot the water out of the gun.

4.) Water Blaster Activation Type

activationIn the past, water guns only came with one option for firing the gun, it was a trigger. But the trigger has many draw backs, the main draw back would be the water blast force. Now days you have many options to choose out of. You have the pump and shoot which has the strongest force, then you have pressurized which is pretty cool because you can create a steady stream of water but compromise the force of stream. There’s also some new technologies emerging with electronic assisted blasts, but we don’t know if it’s a smart idea to combine electricity and water 😛

5.) Soakability

Ah this is the most important criteria to factor in when selecting the ultimate water gun. Soakability or drenchability basically means how much water does the water gun expel in one blast. When shooting your opponent you want to get them wet. REALLY WET. That’s usually how you determine the winner of the water gun battle..isn’t it? Usually the kid who got the most wet was the loser and it also meant they had to most fun. So keep soakability at the top of your list when selecting a water gun.


Most of all, always have fun!